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  1. Always take pictures of the sky when it’s pretty, it probably won’t ever look like that again.
  2. Wear that skirt you like, even if you’re mom says it’s too short.
  3. Take off the dark eyeliner and nail polish once in a while, you’ll feel lighter.
  4. Chop off your hair if you want, it will grow back eventually.
  5. Count the freckles on your arms and draw lines between them, your skin is like the night shy.
  6. Sleep under six blankets with the fan on high in the middle of the winter, the sound is soothing.
  7. Tell that boy to stop touching your thigh, even if it is flattering.
  8. Say thank you and flash a smile when you’re sister says that you’re outfit is ugly.
  9. Raise your hand when you know the answer, even if the class is all upperclassmen.
  10. Read that book again, you’ll notice something you didn’t the first time.
  11. Don’t drink too much caffeine, you’ll get the jitters and bomb your math test.
  12. Wear pencils behind your ears, it’s convenient.
  13. Try to talk to people, it won’t kill you.
  14. When a cute boy tries to cheat off your test, write the wrong answers and change them later.
  15. It’s ok to feel happy, don’t let other peoples sadness make you feel bad.
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What will I do? What will I do? What are you talking about?! You are Elastigirl! My god. Pull yourself together! “What will you do?” Is this a question? You will show him you remember that he is Mr. Incredible, and you will remind him who you are. Well, you know where he is. Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win! And call me when you get back, darling. I enjoy our visits.

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This powerful image is from one of the memorials last night for 16-year-old Maren Sanchez.

Maren was stabbed to death in her high school stairwell on the morning of the prom. She was killed for allegedly turning down a young man’s invitation to be her prom date.

Her classmates paid tribute by dressing up, and bringing out the gown she would have worn to the prom. Even though this memorial was a sorrowful and traumatic event, the students smiled through their tears for the camera because… Maren would have wanted them to be happy on their prom night.

I grew up in Milford, CT, and I live about 15 minutes away from Jonathan Law High School. My partner attended JLHS and I have friends with family members who currently attend.

With the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, I can’t believe that here we are again, just a year later, with another tragedy in a Connecticut school.

My heart goes out to all of those affected.

Sharing memorial images for a young woman that never should have died.

She was killed for allegedly turning down a young man’s invitation to be her prom date.



That lone dress on a rack where she would be standing. My God.

thank fucking god people are still talking about this. Maren was killed on Friday and after that first day, posts about her vanished.
she was sixteen.
she was sixteen and was supposed to spend that day getting ready for junior prom, but instead was dead by the time the first bell rang.

don’t forget maren sanchez. don’t let her become another name you vaguely remember in twenty years. do not fucking forget maren.


Jack’s little sister somewhat resembles Jamie Bennett. It is possible Jamie is a descendant from Jack’s little sister, which might be the reason Jack felt drawn to Jamie. When Peter Ramsey, the director of ROTG, was asked about this, he answered: “Who knows…! It could be possible… One of my regrets is that we didn’t have more screen time in the movie to flesh things out a bit more. Is there a bigger connection between Jamie and Jack? Yeah, that could be a definite possibility, that there’s some kind of lineage connection like that. It’s one of those movie mysteries.”

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